Rhino Series - Crankshaft Pin & Journal Grinders (R80/120)

CNC Production Cylindrical Grinder

This machine is dedicated for grinding Crankshafts in High production volumes. Ideally suited for grinding Crankshaft Journals & pins. The Machine has 2 channel & 5 Axis CNC System for dressing during grinding cycle to optimize the cycle time. Dressing system is a high precision two Axis slide system with linear scales (optional).

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CNC Production Cylindrical Grinder

Specifications of Rhino R80/120 CNC

Specifications R80 R120
Swing Diameter 360 mm 500 mm
Admit between Centers 800 mm 1200 mm
Max. Grinding Wheel Φ x Width 900 x 75 mm 1066 x 40 mm
Grinding Wheel Spindle Power 15 kW 22 kW
Wheel Surface Speed 50 m/s 60 m/s
Max. Weight of Workpiece 60 kg 300 kg

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Note: All specifications and design subject to alteration without notice.

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