Global Leadership in Surface Generation Technologies Creating Customer Delight through Self-Motivated Team Members in Harmony with Society & the Environment.


We will meet customer expectations by
  • Establishing an R&D Center for High technology, TPM friendly & aesthetically designed reliable machines
  • On-time delivery
  • Effective sales & service Network for Exports & Domestic marketing
  • Quick response
We will improve personal quality through
  • Developing positive attitude & motivating colleagues for co-operation and team work.
  • Understanding and satisfying internal customer needs.
  • Creating tension free & enjoyable work place environment.
  • Improving our quality for life & living standards.
  • Performance Evaluation system.
We will continuously train and retrain ourselves by
  • Acquiring multiple skills to enable anyone accomplish as many different tasks as possible.
  • Improving workmanship to make zero defect machines.
  • Upgrading our competence & effectively for higher productivity.
  • Making ‘Paperless’ Working through IT.
We will offer machines & services at competitive prices by
  • Implementing costing system to reduce input costs, inventory & operating expenses.
  • Eliminating non-value added work, wastage, rejections, & rework.
  • Reducing cycle time through Jigs / Fixtures & standardization.
We will improve Product Quality through
  • Consistency in workmanship and output quality.
  • Standardization of assembly processes.
  • Quality & Reliability Process
We shall adopt process-based working for
  • Doing everything “Right First Time”.
  • Improving internal systems by 5 ‘S’, Suggestion scheme, KANBAN etc.
We shall establish effective vendor partnering through
  • Supporting them to improve cost, quality and delivery.
  • Long term relationships with vendors and suppliers as co-creators of value.
Commitment to society:
  • We will work towards improving the community around us keeping environment in mind.

Organizational Values

We are bound by
  • Respect for Team Members & all stakeholders.
  • Ethical & selfless behavior.
  • Hardworking, teamwork, honesty, integrity, humility & positive attitude of people.
  • Excellence & Speed in everything we do.
  • Process based working.
  • Clear, timely, open & transparent communication.
  • Timely appreciation and recognitions.
  • Continuous improvement, enhancement of knowledge, skills competencies and self development.
  • Clarity of roles, responsibilities and accountability.
  • Involvement of people in decision making.
  • Customer driven innovation to delight customers.
  • Vendor partnering.
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