Corporate Responsibility

The purpose of business has always been to generate wealth for the promoters, employees and shareholders- and a passionate pursuit of growth ensures that the business objectives are met. However, the preoccupation with growth at times tends to push other elements into the background and as long as the ends are good, the means appears justified. It is our firm belief that wealth earned by unethical means invariably entails the utmost exertion, fear, anxiety, and many times delusion and grief. MGT management has been careful to nurture the basic values of Ethics & Humanism in its operating model right from the start in 1973.

Honesty, Integrity, Equity, Fairness & Justice- as the basic founding principles, cultivated through Humility in leadership, has created a unique environment of TRUST amongst all stakeholders & the community MGT operates in.

These have evolved into Organisation Values with ‘5 Ethical Values’ as the base & ’11 Operating Values’, as the guiding spirit.

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