GVS CNC - 60 mps

CNC Valve Seat Grinding Machine

In order to improve the competitiveness of its customer MGT has been developing import substitute products over the last 40 years. This machine is designed for High Production Grinding of Engine Valve seat. The machine features 60 mps wheel peripheral speed & Automatic Loading & Unloading of the Engine Valves. Due to 60mps cutting speed and an optimized loading/unloading system the productivity gain is significant (40% for valve head diameter ~28mm).

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GVS CNC - 60 mps

Specifications of GVS CNC - 60mps

Specifications GVS CNC 60mps
Head Diameter 20-50 mm
Stem Diameter 4-10 mm
Overall Length 70-170 mm
Seat Angle 45 to 60 degree
Cutting Speed 60 m/sec

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Note: All specifications and design subject to alteration without notice.

Typical Workpieces that can be ground on GVS - 60mps

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