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CNC Universal Grinding Machine FLEXI

The Ultimate in Precision & Flexibility

Flexi is a CNC Universal Grinding machine suitable for grinding OD, ID and Shoulders in a single chucking to achieve the highest precision in size and geometry.

The machine bed construction is from high grade cast iron & box type structure. The machine is capable for high speed grinding up to 60 m/sec wheel surface speed.

The axes move on High precision Linear mot guideways for precise positioning & repeatability with a straightness accuracy <0.002 mm over 400 length of standard test piece.

Specification of Flexi

Specifications Flexi 400 Flexi 630 Flexi 1000
Centre Height 175 mm 175 mm 175 mm
Admit between Centre 400 mm 630 mm 1000 mm
Swiveling range -15 to +225 degree -15 to +225 degree -15 to +225 degree
B- Axis Resolution 0.0001 degree 0.0001 degree 0.0001 degree
Grinding Wheel Size (OD x Thick X Bore) Left Side 500 x 40 (50ROS) x 203.2 mm 500 x 63 (80ROS) x 203.2 mm 500 x 63 (80ROS) x 203.2 mm
Grinding Wheel Size (OD x Thick X Bore) Right Side 500 x 40 (50ROS) x 203.2 mm 500 x 63 (80ROS) x 203.2 mm 500 x 63 (80ROS) x 203.2 mm
Spindle motor power (built in type) 7.5 kw 7.5 (11) kw 7.5 (11) kw
Peripheral (surface) speed 60 m/sec. 60 m/sec. 60 m/sec.
Floor space Front x Depth (Basic machine) 3100 x 2800 mm 3500 x 2800 mm 4200 x 2800 mm
Machine weight (Approximate) 4500 kg 5500 kg 6500 kg

( ) Optional Feature

Note: All specifications and design subject to alteration without notice.

Turret Wheel Head Options

Universal Wheel Head
Diagonal Wheel Head
Internal Wheel Head
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