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CNC Heavy Duty Grinder HGrind630x2500

µPrecision in Large Part Grinding

The H Grind 630x2500 is the solution for grinding of Large & heavy parts like Axle Beam, Large Ball Valves, Turbine Shafts, crankshafts, earth moving & construction parts etc. It can grind parts up to 3000mm in length, 630mm in diameter & weighing up to 750 Kilograms.

Specification of H Grind 630x2500

Specifications H Grind 630x2500
Swing over Table 630 mm
Grinding Ø 500 mm
Admit between Centers 2500(3000)mm
Grinding length 1200(2500)mm
Max.Workpiece Weight with Steady Rest 750 kg
Max. Wheel Size Ø760 x Ø304.8 x 250 mm
Wheel cutting speed 45 (60) m/sec
Wheel spindle motor power 22(30)kW

( ) Optional Feature

Note: All specifications and design subject to alteration without notice.

Typical Workpieces that can be ground on H Grind 630x2500

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