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Operating Values

  • Ownership/Commitment – I cultivate an ‘Ownership’ culture at the work place to ensure every employee’s commitment to “complete the task” & not just find reason, ‘why it could not be done’? “Ownership” means to completely finish the task, whatever is assigned to me, during my daily work life. I shall seek help of every possible source inside and outside the company and will not rest till the work is completed to the full satisfaction of me and our internal & final customer. This commitment is very important for gaining competitive edge in the market.
  • Exactness – I commit my actions to achieve exactness with the help of 5W and 1H analysis. Exact details of “What is to be done?”, “Why it is to be done?”, “Who will do it?”, “Where it will be done?”, “When it will be done?” & “How it will be done?” are very important to do a job, “Right First Time”.
  • 360 degree involvement & feedback – I will work with a spirit of togetherness to achieve our vision as well as our goal. I will seek active involvement of all concerned to find the best possible & cost effective solution. 360 degree feedback of all will further help me to improve my performance.
  • Process based working – Through process based working, I will achieve uniform standardized output quality. Consistency of throughput will only help me to achieve Reliability & Quality desired by the customers.
  • Continuous improvement – I am always eager to learn new skills, knowledge & engage in continuous improvement at my work place & also in my life outside.
  • Safety – God has given me this body to take care of its safety at all time, on & off the work place. I must give some priority and behave same way for others safety.
  • Excellence & Speed – I promise that I will follow our organizational values to achieve excellence with added speed.
  • Timely appreciation & recognition – Iwill always motivate my sub-ordinate, peers and team members by recognizing & appreciating their achievements for their commitment towards MGT and its values.
  • Clear, Timely, open & transparent communication – I will communicate all the information clearly & in an open and transparent manner & in time, to enable Team members take accurate decision fast. To improve communication, I will speak directly face to face as often as possible.
  • Customer Driven Innovation – I will always direct my thoughts & energies for innovative solutions to address customer needs both stated & implied. Customer delight will always be my goal.
  • Vendor partnering – I believe that our vendors and suppliers are an integral part of our journey of excellence. I will work with them for a win-win relationship on a long & sustainable basis.
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