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Stallion Series

Medium Duty Production Cylindrical Grinder (SM)

This machine is suitable for grinding medium size work pieces in High production volumes. Ideally suited for precision grinding of shaft type components with single or multiple diameters ground in high volumes. Machine is also available with Linear motion guideways in the Wheel Head Axis for precise response up to 0.1 ยต. The machine is available in both Straight & Angular Wheel Head Configurations.

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Specifications of SM SERIES

Specifications SM40 SM63 SM100 SM120
Swing Diameter 320 mm 320 mm 320 mm 320 mm
Admit between Centers 400 mm 630 mm 1000 mm 1200 mm
Max. Grinding Wheel Φ x Width 550 x 80 mm 550 x 80 mm 550 x 80 mm 550 x 80 mm
Grinding Wheel Spindle Power 7.5(11) kW 7.5(11) kW 7.5(11) kW 7.5(11) kW
Wheel Surface Speed 45 m/s 45 m/s 45 m/s 45 m/s

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Note: All specifications and design subject to alteration without notice.

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