Awards & Recognition


Since its incorporation in 1973, MGT had always been following Quality Systems for its high-precision grinding machines from start-to-end, Design to Manufacturing, Machine Commissioning & all related Quality Assurance activities. This surely contributed towards Micromatic being awarded the “PMT-CMTI Best Design” & “FIE Best Product” Prizes for the first model GCU 200 at IMTEX 1979 at Bombay (Mumbai now).

When the ISO: 9001 Quality Systems came to India in the early nineties, MGT was among the first 100 companies to be certified by ISO: 9001 QMS in 1995. This laid the foundations for a Quality Culture at MGT, now reflected in its tagline, “In the Pursuit of Zero” i.e. Zero Defects, Zero Downtime & Zero Emissions, in all its operations.

We are proud to confirm that in keeping up with the tradition of updating to the latest ISO QMS standards, MGT’s Ghaziabad plant has been upgraded to the ISO 9001:2015 standard certified by M/s TUV–NORD in Dec. 2016 . Additionally, MGT’s Bangalore plant has also been upgraded to this latest QMS standard ( ISO 9001:2015) and the Environment Management System( ISO 14001:2015) in April 2017 by the same certification body.awards (1) awards

CSR-MGT & The Society

Caring the MGT way

The best companies are those with happy employees. Companies today provide plentiful perks and a conducive work culture to motivate their employees who spend most of their time and energy for the company’s progress.

Taiyari Udaan Ki

MGT ensures that its employees are well taken care of since only then will they be in a position to take care of the company. Towards this, it has brought in a unique initiative, Taiyari Udaan Ki. The program comprises training the children of its employees and equipping them with the right skills to be ready to work in the industry. That way, the newly passed graduates will find themselves at par with the others with experience. For this, MGT has roped in industry professionals to work along with the in-house trainers to train, guide and motivate the youngsters eager to prove themselves. The formal structured manner of the program aims to provide them with the mentoring and direction which will help them focus on getting the jobs that are right for them.

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New Employee Recognition Program

Best Kaizens of the Year Awards for 2016-17

MGT has launched a new “Employee Recognition Program” under the title, “Best Kaizen’s of the year” Award. Objective of the program is to identify & recognize top 3 implemented suggestions during the last FY which Reduced Costs, Improved Quality, Delivery of the product/service resulted in significant improvement to workplace safety, Environment and wellness of MGTians. A committee has been formed to identify, assess and evaluate all the suggestions against defined criteria(QCDSEM).

During FY 2016-17 at Ghaziabad plant we had received total 1738 nos. of suggestions out of which approx. 75% (1288 nos.) were feasible. In feasible suggestions, 25 nos. of suggestions had been recognized in “A” grade during the year. Committee has selected & recommended below three suggestions for the “Best Kaizen of the year” Awards.

1. Optimum Equipment Utilization to reduce Carbon Foot Print by Mr Jitendra & Team

2. Value Engineering in MGT products by Mr NS Verma & Team

3. Reduced Spindle repairing time by Mr Rajeshwar Singh & Team

Besides, the certificates, Cash Awards of Rs. 10000, 7500/- & 5000/- were given to first, second & third team respectively.

Optimum Equipment Utilization to reduce Carbon Foot Print

Kaizen 1st Prize Award for the year 2016-17 goes to Mr Jitendra Singh & his PES Team

The Centralised AC unit installed at MGT Plant has a chiller line which includes Chiller Pump Motors. The motor power being used was only at 30 percent utilization even though the available motor power capacity was more.

To optimise the available motor power, MGT Maintenance team took the initiative and installed VFD to tune the RPM of Chiller Pump Motor to adjust the throttle valves to 100 percent. By installation of this system, the team was able to reduce electric power consumption by 60 percent, thereby contributing to reduced carbon footprint.

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Value Engineering in MGT Products

Kaizen 2nd Prize Award for the year 2016-17 goes to Mr N.S. Verma & Team

MGT wanted to enhance productivity by upgrading quality standards for the bed assembly of heavy-duty hydraulic grinding machines. The Design team arrived at the idea of merging two parts i.e. carriage base with bed.

This resulted in multiple benefits:

• Increased productivity (reduced lead time; now assembly takes 8 man-hours instead of 16 man-hours)

• Consistent quality levels & Higher Rigidity achieved due to reduced number of parts

• Cost saving of Rs.15,000 per unit.Screenshot (29)













Reduced Spindle repairing time

Kaizen 3rd Prize Award for the year 2016-17 goes to Mr Rajeshwar Singh & Team

To help reduce downtime at customer’s end, MGT was working towards reducing wheel head spindle repairing time. However, there were a number of issues that had to be addressed before achieving that. The old wheel head spindle bronze bush would get hard due to temperature. The old bushes were rejected in most cases and the customer was asked to pay for the new bushes. In the case of old bushes, the manual relief operation was time-consuming.

Finding a solution:

The Spindle Assembly and Machine Shop teams worked together to find the solution for preparing of profile in the old spindles on the SPM boring machine, just as being done for the new spindles. The Machine Shop team calculated and set the adjustments required to be done on the machine for the required operations on the old spindles.


• Time for manual work was reduced from 20 hours to 4 hours;

• Consistent quality level was achieved due to using the same manufacturing process as for the new spindles

• The problem of old bushes getting rejected was overcome, thus not only savings but applying the “Reuse” environ-friendly solution

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Customer Services VAS-Value Added Services

MGT’s VAS team replaced the obsolete CNC system on the Centerless Grinder at customer’s end with minimum of downtime.

CNC system replacement at Customer’s end in 3 daysScreenshot (27)


Customer was facing heavy production losses due to frequent breakdown of the CNC system on their old Centerless Grinding machine. Troubleshooting during maintenance was also posing problems.


The only solution that the situation demanded was the replacement of the CNC System with minimum stopover of the machine to minimise the losses.


MGT’s Value Added Services-VAS team studied the complete requirement of the customer and prepared a written down procedure for the CNC System replacement, marking all elements as needed-to-be-replaced for the proper function of the machine. Activities were broken down focusing on minimum on-site and maximum off-site actions.

All off-site activities were completed at MGT including Function check for PLC logics as required for the machine. The CNC System, drives, servo motors and other related elements were replaced on the machine at the customer’s site as per the on-site activity schedules.


The MGT VAS team carried out the entire procedure with utmost coordination. They were able to replace the CNC System in a stipulated time limit of three days & the machine was up for production on the fourth day.

Load-Unload system for Shaft Type Components

Production Grinding machines which run 24×7 require automatic load-unload system which are economical


Large production of medium weight parts e.g. automotive transmission shafts, etc. requires loading & unloading of the same on to the machine by the operator, approx. every minute, depending on the cycle time. This is very tiring & sometimes wrong loading causes serious accidents.

Typically, such grinding machines now run 24X7 these days & to maintain consistency in line output, respected supply chain vendors are demanding automatic loading-unloading systems on new machines. Such systems can be very costly, at times as much as additional 50% of the price of a new machine.

Challenge, therefore, is always to bring out an economic-cost effective Load-Unload system which doesn’t affect the overall grinding cost per part.

Benefits of the loader unit7

• Low maintenance cost

• Economic cost automation

• Reduced component loading-unloading distance to minimize the operator fatigue

• One operator can tend to two machines simultaneously

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Rotary disc dresser Vs blade type diamond dresser

Rotary disc dresser

Screenshot (33)

This is a disc with diamond held in metal bond in multilayer. The disc rotates at very high RPM for the generation of profile on conventional wheels. These dressing discs are also widely used for truing of vitrified CBN wheel.


Blade type diamond dresserScreenshot (32)

These are stationary dressing tools, having single layer of multipoint diamonds rigidly held in a set pattern through a bonding system. These dressers are suitable for profile generation on conventional abrasive wheels but due to only limited no. of diamond points available, the life is limited & needs frequent replacement.

Meeting the objective

The need was to achieve consistency in profile dressing with longer life of the dresser and grinding wheel. MGT’s built-in motor-driven indigenously-made rotary disc dressing unit proved instrumental in getting the desired profile accuracies along with increased productivity. This unit can be mounted on the workhead or on the table of MGT Grinders as per the application requirement. RPM of the unit can also be programmed according to the need.

Molybdenum Coated Pin – Centreless Grinding

Centerless Grinding of molybdenum coated pin was tough as it clogged the wheels


  • Grinding Molybdenum coated parts is tough as it clogs wheel
  • An overused wheel makes accuracy difficult to achieve

Solutions MGT established:

  • Grinding process was optimized
  • Input Grinding stock was distributed to 3 levels i.e. Roughing, semi-finishing and finishing
  • All required critical parameter Taper, ovality & straightness were achieved within 4 microns

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Carbon Graphite Bush Bore Grinding

Carbon graphite bushes are used in pump shafts as bearings, providing self-lubrication. Graphite provides higher running life (lower wear) due to its much lower coefficient of friction than metals & bronzes.

The solution required MGT to overcome the biggest obstacles while clamping of the Graphite Bush due to its brittle nature & yet to achieve the CTQ-Critical to Quality- parameters. The innovation lies in designing specialised tooling wherein force used for clamping is balanced. Hence, zero damage to the ground bush is ensured while maintaining CTQ roundness and size accuracies. Even after de-clamping from the grinding machine, it maintains its achieved accuracies.

MGT worked towards engineering and developing suitable work holding for such precision Graphite Bush Bearings and achieved a higher level of accuracies plus low cycle time, suitable for high production and economical grinding cost per part.

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