Do not be surprised if you see children enjoying themselves on the campus of MGT.

The summer months provide children with the opportunity to experience and discover new or emerging interests or to focus on special skills and interests that may be set aside or even neglected during the academic year.  Out-of-school activities provide children with “a range of opportunities for developing ‘the other Rs’ – resourcefulness and risk taking, responsibility, and relationships. Continue reading

No more tension!

Over tensioning of grinding wheel Drive Belts is a common cause for the failure of Grinding machine Spindles in the field. This is mainly due to lack of awareness, or the right training to the operator on how to tighten the drive belts. Today’s CNC machines are operated by semi-skilled labor requiring only to push the cycle start button. Also high turnaround of labor makes the task of educating & training on such aspects of machine operation more challenging.


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